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The Aeolian Islands are a priceless heritage. Each one different from the other in shape, color and vegetation are unique enough to make it difficult to choose the most beautiful.


It will be an honor for us to take you on this experience and reveal all the peculiarities and stories we have learned from living these islands on our skin.

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Starting from Capo d’Orlando, in less than an hour of navigation, the first island you meet is Vulcano. Impossible not to be amazed by the beauty of its colors and the contrast that the black earth of the volcano creates with the vegetation. This makes Vulcano a unique island, which immerse those who admire it in an uncontaminated environment where nature reigns.

On the island, the Grotta del Cavallo, the pools of Venus with their legends and stories, the black beaches and the healing natural mud baths are are a show not to be missed.

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Lipari is not only the Aeolian capital or the largest island by population density; it is also the place where folk traditions merge with history.

Arriving in the vicinity of the island, one is fascinated by the beauty of its stacks, and then appreciates the beauty and clarity of the waters near the Grotta Degli Angeli. Moving deeper into the island, you can visit the Corso di Lipari, characterized by small boutiques selling Aeolian products and small restaurants, which is the most animated of all the islands.

Finally, the island’s white beaches cannot be forgotten, an incredible spectacle especially on the sunniest days, when the sun’s rays illuminate the seabed giving the water a crystal-clear color. From here you can also enjoy the breathtaking view of the pumice caves.

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Sailing to Salina, you will be impressed by the beauty of the black stone cliffs on which a dense vegetation stands out. This element has led the Island to be defined by all as the lung of the Aeolian Islands. The dense, thick vegetation that covers much of the Island, along with the blue waters, is what gives the impression to those arriving from the sea that they are landing in a magical place.

Near Pollara you will be amazed by the half sunken volcano on which the ancient fishing village stands.

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Panarea and its islets Lisca Bianca, Lisca Nera, and Dattilo, has a different landscape than the other islands. The land is lighter and bougainvillea stands out among the vegetation and typical local houses.

It’s also rich in history and submerged heritages unaltered by time, such as the remains of an ancient Roman port. The island is considered the chicest such sister island. Indeed, when the sun sets, the clubs light up, the streets are filled of life and the Island awakens in its worldly guise.

The rising of the new day gives the beauty of a breathtaking view and a crystal clear sea that reveals the fascinating colors of the seabed.

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Looking towards Panarea you can only be struck by the majesty of IDDU, as the islanders call it, Stromboli’s volcano. Stromboli is blue water, as deep as if it had no bottom; s one of the harshest land in the world; it is fire and it is wind; it is the muttering of the volcano every ten minutes and the sound of the sea every second.

It is stories that come from afar, memories of fishermen and of trust in the volcano. Stromboli is the perfect synthesis of the power of nature and the human resiliency, and for us, it is among the most incredible places on earth.

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Alicudi e Filicudi

Alicudi and Filicudi are the wildest islands, there you can breathe the true Aeolian essence: there is a kind of surreal peace, incredible colors, breathtaking caves and coves where the vegetation grows flourishing to the sea.

The days are marked by the slow pace of the donkeys that still take the men on the roughest mule tracks as tireless traveling companions. These two islands, more isolated and inaccessible during heavy storms, are surrounded by fascination and mystery, fueled by tales of mermaid sightings, in time later disproved by the ergot phenomenon.

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Wine and Food tours

We organize visits to the best wineries of the Aeolian Islands, such as:  Tenuta di Castellaro Lipari and Cantina Fenech Malfa and we bring you to taste the authentic Sicilian flavors at the renowned Ristorante da Alfredo in Lingua and Pescheria da Marco in Lipari.


Tenuta di Castellaro:

Tenuta di Castellaro, the place you don’t expect to find on Lipari Island.


Arriving at the estate’s gates feels like entering a new world, where traditional Aeolian buildings leave room for modern, square structures with green technologies to leave you speechless.


Immediately you are enchanted by the breathtaking view of the Altopiano di Castellaro and by the meticulous care of the vineyards and the surrounding land, where the vines are still cultivated by hand.

Tenuta di Castellaro came to life from a morning walk in the Altopiano di Castellaro in summer 2005, from which an ambitious project, still in an evolutionary phase.


Find out more on tenutadicastellaro.it


Cantina Fenech:

mid the bright colors of the fruitful Salina (the deep green of the lush vegetation, the deep blue of the sea and the clear blue of the sky) and the genuine and sincere flavors of its ancient traditions, the centuries-old experience of this winery, which Francesco Fenech inherited from his ancestors, winemakers for more than two centuries, is born and matures.

Strengthened by its unique relationship with an unspoiled nature, it becomes a messenger of the history that connects the man to his ancestors through the unique taste of its products.


Find out more on fenech.it



Ristorante da Alfredo in Lingua, Salina:

You can’t say you’ve been to Salina, without having eaten “at Alfredo’s” and without having tried the cunzato bread or his incredible granitas that taste like the fruit of the old days.

Entering Alfredo’s you are immediately welcomed by tradition and passion for typical Aeolian cuisine, where excellent ingredients are the key to everything.

Then why not … you can be fascinated by the stories of Alfredo born and raised right in Salina, who has managed, to create an international reputation for himself.


Find out more on Facebook: Alfredo Salina


Pescheria da Marco in Lipari:

If you want to savor the flavors of the old days, Marco’s Pescheria in Marina Corta on Lipari is the place to go.

There you can buy excellent preserves of Aeolian Tuna or Lampuga made according to ancient island traditions. As well as many kinds of fresh fish, including the highly prized Aeolian pot shrimp.

Aperitifs at sunset

Alamar gives you the opportunity to organize a sunset aperitif.

We are 360° open to the possibility of personalizing such a beautiful moment as the aperitif, offering you the possibility to choose how and where to do it and to enjoy the beautiful sunsets that our coastline or the Aeolian islands give us.


But it doesn’t stop there!

You can bring food and drinks from home, or be spoiled and leave it to us to organize an aperitif with the best local food and wine products from both sea and land.

Fishing excursions

If your passion is fishing, this is the place for you! At Alamar, we offer you the opportunity to organize tailor-made fishing trips in the fascinating Aeolian scenery or in the Sicilian coastline.

Don’t have the equipment? No problem, we’ll bring it all….

You’ll just have to think about who to share this fantastic fun-filled day with!

You will have the opportunity to fish for Combs, very small sand fish found in the shallow waters of the Sicilian coast. The white meat of this fish is highly prized, so much so that it reaches a price of 30 euros per kg.


For the more enthusiastic and experienced there is the possibility of fishing inchiku, light jigg or slow pitch trying to catch the big predators of our seas.

Or relax during a coastal trolling trip trying to find the lampugas that populate our sea, or try to catch some infamous Squid, a mollusk of the squid family but with a decidedly more intense flavor.

Squid fishing since its origins has been done at night and preferably without a moon. Modern technologies and the arrival of rods with electric reels, however, have made it possible to practice this type of fishing during the day as well, going after these voracious predators in the depths of our seas.

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