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Aeolian Islands: 10 things to do for a perfect vacation


Make a decision on what to visit in the Aeolian Islands is not an easy choice: there are many attractions, but time is a limit and you also have to consider the most appropriate itinerary to combine organization and convenience.

Those who already know the Aeolian Islands also know that they always give something new: a cove you had never paused in before, a glimpse you had never paid attention to.

That’s another reason why organizing what to see in the Aeolian Islands requires some planning. Here are some sights and sceneries are not to be missed.

Aeolian Islands: what to see in Vulcano

The beauty and the uniqueness of the island of Vulcano are renowned. It offers the spectacle of an active volcano that never stops to surprise, its blue waters are stunning, and its coves among the most beautiful in the archipelago.

Vulcano tourists should not miss the walk to the big crater: an unforgettable experience to admire the beauty of the archipelago from the above while peering inside the crater.

Aeolian Islands: what to see in Lipari

Without any doubt, the most sought-after place for tourists on Lipari are the pumice quarries of Porticello, commonly called the “white beaches.”

Once there was the largest industrial hub of the Aeolian Islands, they quarried the precious pumice stone heavily used for the production of cosmetics and building materials. Today it is the destination of thousands of tourists who flock to bathe in its crystal-clear waters, iconic for the surrounding landscape.

The square of Marina Corta with its clubs and the narrow streets that wind uphill true the main course are no less: impossible not to walk along them.

Aeolian Islands: what to see in Salina

In Salina, as in its other sisters, it is really difficult to determine which place is the most beautiful. One of the most popular destination is Pollara.

Pollara is the ancient fishing village on the island that became famous because of the film “Il Postino” starring by Massimo Troisi. However, the real peculiarity of this part of the island, is not just this: the bay is located in the mouth of an ancient crater half sunk into the water. It is an impressive sight, especially if you really thinking of being inside the crater of a sunken volcano.

In the village which is based on the sedimentations of the volcano, there is also the famous house seen in the film, where endless sunsets provide unforgettable magic. Unmissable among the things to see in the Aeolian Islands.

Aeolian Islands: what to see in Panarea

In Panarea its bones and islets are absolutely a must. A paradise for snorkelers, where you can also observe a phenomenon that has appeared in recent years, namely the presence of large air bubbles from underground that are the result of strong magmatic activity.

Not to be missed is the bay of Cala Junco, the narrow streets of the town center and its social life.

Aeolian Islands: what to see in Stromboli

Stromboli is the island where man and nature have been living together for millenniums, respecting each other, among the green of the vegetation, the black of the sand and the blue of its sea.

Having passed the amazement of the beauty of the island from the point of view of landscape and nature, in Stromboli you cannot miss the spectacle of the eruption at sunset. We recommend to see it from the sea from the “sciarra del fuoco”, but even from the mainland it is a fascinating spectacle.

Aeolian Islands: what to see in Filicudi and Alicudi

Filicudi and Alicudi are the wildest and most unspoiled, and as such, nature reigns supreme. A spectacle not to be missed in Filicudi is the bioluminescence: a phenomenon well known in Central America, but also in Filicudi it can be savored in all its beauty.

The secret of phosphorescence lies in the presence of a single-celled organism belonging to the genus of dinoflagellates. And while waiting for the note-the best time to enjoy bioluminescence-the island offers venues where tasty aperitifs can be enjoyed and where, in the late afternoon, people populate the streets.

From an archaeological point of view, Alicudi is still largely unexplored-it is a magical island where legends about sightings of witches and mythological animals abound, creating an aura of mystery around an already beautiful island.

It is not only important what to see in the Aeolian Islands: but also how to feel. In fact, the most beautiful feature of Alicudi is the possibility to get lost in the landscapes, however modest in size, and to indulge in traditional customs and traditions to immerse oneself in the rhythms, flavors and life of the Island.