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Alicudi and Filicudi amongst the Aeolian Islands: pristine nature waiting to be explored


Alicudi and Filicudi are two authentic green pearls in the midst of the Aeolian Islands. Less frequented than the larger Lipari and Vulcano, these islands are a haven for those seeking tranquillity and adventure in a breathtaking environment, to delight in unique thrills surrounded by nature.

Amongst the Aeolian Islands, Alicudi is a wild paradise

The westernmost body of the Aeolian Islands, Alicudi enchants visitors with its authentic and unspoilt atmosphere. 

With no paved roads or cars, Alicudi is an oasis of tranquillity amongst the Aeolian Islands, where time seems to stand still. Here, tourists can be delighted by the local fauna in total serenity, taking in the many beauties of nature.

Visitors can explore the paths traversing the rugged terrain, enjoying spectacular views of the surrounding sea and nearby islands. Not to me missed are Alicudi’s wild and secluded beaches, which offer the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy peace and quiet.

Filicudi, a hidden treasure

Filicudi offers up evocative landscapes and mysterious atmospheres amongst the Aeolian Islands, immediately capturing the imagination of tourists. Visitors can explore its impressive cliffs, sea caves and secluded bays, discovering the island’s rich biodiversity. 

One of the highlights of Filicudi, for example, is the famous Grotta del Bue Marino, an underwater cave accessible only by sea, where it is possible to snorkel and admire the colourful marine life in what is the largest underwater cave of the Aeolian Islands. 

In addition, trekking enthusiasts will find numerous opportunities to explore the island’s hinterland, following ancient trails that lead to breathtaking views and fascinating archaeological sites.

What to see in Alicudi and Filicudi

Both islands provide a precious habitat for a variety of animal and plant species. For this reason, Alicudi and Filicudi represent true natural sanctuaries where flora and fauna thrive undisturbed. Those who enjoy exploring shall be gratified by the feeling of being immersed in a quiet and isolated setting.

Today, visiting the Aeolian Islands of Alicudi and Filicudi means a more intimate – and in some ways, almost ancient – experience lost in time. 

Amongst the most interesting locations are:

  • The quaint village of Pecorini a Mare in Filicudi;
  • The Filicudi Museum, where the island’s artefacts are safeguarded and displayed;
  • Filo dell’Arpa, an extinct volcano on Alicudi, now a marvellous destination for trekking excursions;
  • Bazzina or Contrada Tonna in Alicudi, to go back in time. 

An unforgettable journey to the Aeolian Islands

Visiting Alicudi and Filicudi means an unforgettable experience that allows travellers to be fully immersed in the beauty and tranquillity of the Aeolian Islands. 

For those seeking an authentic alternative away from the crowds, these two islands offer a wild paradise just waiting to be discovered. Between hiking along scenic trails, diving into crystal-clear waters and watching breathtaking sunsets, Alicudi and Filicudi promise to leave a lasting impression on the hearts of all who come here. Anyone lucky enough to visit these islands will be enchanted by their timeless beauty and unique atmosphere, rendering the trip an experience to remember.