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Where to eat in the Aeolian Islands: places for unforgettable food and wine

Choosing where to eat in the Aeolian Islands is certainly not a problem. Whilst the beaches, sea and wonderful viewsalone are excellent reasons to visit this archipelago, there is no shortage of places to visit for delectable food and wine. In fact, they are increasingly popular with visitors who choose to spend their holidays in the […]

Alicudi and Filicudi amongst the Aeolian Islands: pristine nature waiting to be explored

Alicudi and Filicudi are two authentic green pearls in the midst of the Aeolian Islands. Less frequented than the larger Lipari and Vulcano, these islands are a haven for those seeking tranquillity and adventure in a breathtaking environment, to delight in unique thrills surrounded by nature. Amongst the Aeolian Islands, Alicudi is a wild paradise The […]

Aeolian Islands: 4 reasons to fall in love

The Aeolian Islands offer a unique and captivating experience, which everyone can agree on. To be immersed in nature, to relax in the azure waters whilst observing the majestic silhouette of a volcano in the distance or to stroll along the silent pathways … the Aeolian Islands offer an experience like no other. This archipelago, […]

A Boat Tour to the Aeolian Islands: Unmissable Itineraries

Organizing a boat tour to the Aeolian Islands is one of the most significant activities to appreciate the landscapes and life of this wonderful archipelago. Each of the seven islands, owns its unicity and beauty. Lipari or Vulcano, Stromboli or Salina: plenty are the opportunities to discover more about the Aeolian Islands. Exploring these islands […]

Fishing Excursions in the Aeolian Islands: Where to Find the Best Spots

Fishing excursions rank among the most popular activities to enjoy during a vacation in the Aeolian Islands (https://www.alamar-eolie.com/isole-eolie-le-10-cose-da-vedere-per-una-vacanza-perfetta/). Fishing among the blue sea provides a rich and immersive experience, allowing tourists to delve into a world steeped in history, tradition, culture, habits, and people. Best Spots for Fishing Excursions in the Aeolian Islands The Aeolian […]

Aeolian Islands: 10 things to do for a perfect vacation

Make a decision on what to visit in the Aeolian Islands is not an easy choice: there are many attractions, but time is a limit and you also have to consider the most appropriate itinerary to combine organization and convenience. Those who already know the Aeolian Islands also know that they always give something new: […]

Aeolian Islands: wines and more, a real food and wine discovery

Isole Eolie Vino

Aeolian Islands are more than just breathtaking views, nature and incredibly crystal clear water.  We can’t avoid to mention, for example, the famous cultivations of Malvasia, a type of grape grown on a large scale in these areas, thanks to the favorable climatic conditions that these islands enjoy. The sun and wind that lap these […]

Eolian islands: beaches, sea and breathtaking views

The Aeolian Islands are an archipelago of seven islands of volcanic origin where there are not many beaches, but they are all of great beauty. The beaches of the Aeolian Islands are characterized by sheer cliffs, surrounded by a deep blue sea and a bathymetric line that rapidly slopes , leaving little room for long […]

Aeolian Islands: how to get there and how to visit by boat

The Aeolian Islands are an archipelago of seven islands positioned opposite to the northern coast of Sicily; the first one is about 16 miles off the Sicilian coast.How to get to the Aeolian Islands? If you choose to take a flight to Catania or Palermo, you then have to take either a bus, a train […]